When we first started designing kitchen knives back in 2005, we wanted to create the best range in the world. Fast-forward a few years and our Signature knife range has won multiple awards and can be found in both family homes and commercial kitchens across the globe. These knives were designed and developed with professional chefs, ensuring that each knife is perfectly balanced and enhances your kitchen experience. 

We love all of our Signature knife range, but there are a few knives in the range which truly stand out to us. Here are our top five:

Signature Cook’s Knife 18cm:

This all-purpose cook’s knife has a curved blade which is perfect for a two-step chop and rock action, ideal for hard vegetables and for prepping salads.


Signature Bread Knife 22cm:

This is one of our best-selling knives as it makes cutting bread an enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a crusty loaf, a French baguette or a ciabatta, this scalloped blade will cut through your bread like nothing else.

Signature Kitchen Knife 12cm:

This smaller kitchen knife is ergonomically shaped for comfort, balance and to minimise fatigue. Perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping!

Signature Santoku Knife 17cm:

This knife has recently been awarded a Best Buy by The Independent. The scalloped indentations along the blade create air pockets which push food from the blade and reduce friction when slicing. The blade is balanced and well-weighted, making it ideal for precision slicing and dicing.

Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife 10cm:

This much smaller knife has a plain edge and a shorter blade, ideal for peeling, trimming and slicing fruits and vegetables. We’re told that it’s especially great for garlic and chillies!

It’s important to regularly sharpen your knives so that you can cut, chop and dice safely and with confidence. Our Signature Hand-Held Knife Sharpener is designed to quickly and easily hone blades back to a superior sharpness. We recommend using it little and often to maintain your blades at optimal sharpness.

And the best thing? All of our knives are dishwasher-safe.