Returning to the simplicity of nature, being present in the moment and enjoying our surroundings is a state of mind that can transform our wellbeing. Join us as we explore walking in the wild.

Finding the joy in simplicity is something as children we appreciate on a daily basis. Experiences that we see or feel for the first time, are awe inspiring and euphoric. Being present and appreciating the wonders of the world is something that becomes harder the more we tune in to technology, the trappings of daily life consume our thoughts and make it harder to ‘switch off.’

Appreciating the little things in life is something we could all do more of. Switching off from the noise and just being present in a situation. With this in mind, and whilst approaching a Christmas period that may look slightly different to the norm, we’re looking at walking as the perfect antidote to the winter blues and a great activity for all the family. Beneficial for our mental and physical health, a brisk walk is advised to really feel the benefits.

In sunshine and in showers the UK coastline provides many a long walk, adventure and time to explore. In wild winds, you can retreat indoors with fresh eyes and a clear mind to a warm drink, feeling uplifted and content. Sunny days bring the opportunity to venture for longer, to enjoy the feeling of the warm Winter sun and the perfect opportunity to enhance your levels of vitamin D. Perfect for all of the family, walking provides a time to talk, to laugh and to engage – not forgetting time to spend playing with our 4-legged friends!

Our top spots to explore this Winter

Holkham Beach, Norfolk, is an expanse of 4 miles of white-gold sand backed by woods and sand dunes. Part of the Holkham estate and nature reserve and with a beach café as the perfect retreat, this beautiful coastline is a must-see.


Studland Bay, Dorset sees 4 miles of beaches lined with sheltered waters and sea views stretching from Old Harry to the Isle of Wight. A wonder of the National Trust waiting to be explored, visit the Café on Knoll Beach for a range of takeaway refreshments.  



Godrevy Beach, Cornwall, provides 9 miles of sand from Godrevy lighthouse to Hayle. Complete with sand dunes, coves, seals and surf, this beach is one of Cornwall’s finest for all the family and for a reason! Enjoy a coffee or delicious takeaway lunch stop at Godrevy Café for the ultimate day out.  



Don’t forget, wherever you travel to remember the importance of acting responsibly and appreciating the fragility of the beautiful local and natural environment you are visiting