Radford Air Bright Cutlery

Radford Air Bright Cutlery Range

Radford Air Bright Cutlery is an exciting complement to our bestselling Radford Cutlery Collection. It is a hollow handled, 3-dimensional cutlery pattern. Each piece sits as a sculptural form on the table creating a unique dining experience.

The pattern takes its design cues from the traditional way knife handles have been made over the years, allowing it to surprise the diner with its contradictory solidity of form but lightness of feeling in the hand.

Radford Air plays with notions of tradition and pushes techniques of manufacture. The result is an elevated statement piece which will become a talking point at any table.

Radford Air Bright Cutlery is part of the Master Collection. The patterns in the Master Collection are design-led statement pieces requiring the highest levels of manufacturing expertise. All patterns in this collection are made from best quality stainless steel and individually priced by pattern.

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