Malvern Bright Cutlery

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Malvern Bright Cutlery is a generous pattern, with simple clean lines & handles that flare to a soft square base. Each piece has been designed for a substantial feel and weight and has real presence on the table.

The gently contoured Malvern cutlery range is one of our most popular cutlery patterns, named after the rolling hills found near the village where Robert Welch grew up, and which he often walked for inspiration.

Malvern Bright Cutlery is part of Collection 3.5® - All pieces in this collection are made from best quality 18/10 stainless steel, and are a slightly thinner gauge that gives each piece a lighter feel in the hand. All patterns in this collection are sold at one price.

Malvern Bright Cutlery ( items)
Malvern Bright Cutlery ( items)