Product Care

The Robert Welch Guarantee

At Robert Welch we design and manufacture products to the highest possible standard so that they can be enjoyed day after day. With the correct care, your Robert Welch product will last for many years to come.

Robert Welch first started designing products straight after finishing at the Royal College of Art, in 1955. Since then all of our products have been designed to possess a timeless elegant beauty but also to be highly functional. We want you to use your Robert Welch products day-to-day and to enjoy them in your everyday life. With this in mind, all of our products are made from the highest quality materials and come with a long guarantee period. However, even the best materials and designs occasionally need some love and attention, so we've put together a selection of product care pages to help you get the most out of your Robert Welch products.

Find out how to take the best possible care of your products by selecting one of the options below: