Utensils & Storage

Our Signature Utensils & Storage are part of the Signature kitchenware collection which includes kitchen knives, scissors, cookbook stand, storage jars and accessories.

Designed to be highly functional with distinctive style & form, the utensils and storage options will help to bring a sense of order to your kitchen but they also boast kitchen-to-dining functionality. The solid stainless steel pieces are elegant, timeless, mirror polished, and look elegant beside any of our cutlery ranges as serving pieces on the dining table.

The design of a soft, curved ‘hook’ at the end of each handle allows the Signature Utensils to hang from almost anywhere, specifically the Signature Utensil Stand and Utensil Wall Rack, but this hook also creates a stable piece that doesn’t rock when placed on a flat surface or worktop.

The Robert Welch Signature Stand can store 5 or more utensils in a maximum footplate of 20cm, and can be easily moved around the kitchen to be on hand for food preparation.

Utensils & Storage ( items)
Utensils & Storage ( items)