Earlier in the year Robert Welch celebrated the millionth sale from the Signature knife range. Along with the creation of exclusive recipes we have been working on a series of videos to teach you the necessary knife skills to feel confident in the kitchen.  

Having the correct tools as well as the correct skills for the task in hand will ensure safe and enjoyable food preparation. With a busy entertaining season ahead we want to help you sharpen up your knife skills in time for Christmas with our simple ‘How To’ series. 


For most of us, preparing our evening meals involves using everyday techniques we have picked up over time, cultivating our own ‘unique’ methods to prepare an onion or chop garlic. In our Everyday Techniques video we teach you enhanced skills to use everyday to improve your food preparation. Also including the additional top tip of how to create a garlic paste to enhance dishes and leave you with a soft sweet taste of garlic. 


For the recipes that ask for techniques you have never heard of before. Learn how to 'chiffonade', 'julienne' and 'dice' to add a new dimension to your food preparation and prepare dishes to perfection. 


Our Signature knife range was developed by our designers after years of development and research. Here we share our top 5 knife tips to ensure you get the best out of your knives. This video includes the basics of how to hold your knife correctly to achieve the right grip, using your holding hand for guidance and protecting your fingertips. It also shows the Signature storage options available to protect your knives and ensure they last a lifetime. 



You searched for it and we listened! How to cut a mango is one of the most searched for videos, so we created one to guide you through preparing this delicious, if challenging, fruit. Using our Signature Cook's knife we take you through the process to learn how to prepare a mango and use the flesh for finishing a simple dessert idea. 


Shown here being used to prepare a Salmon for cooking or creating a Gravlax recipe, the utility knife is versatile and suitable for many kitchen tasks. With a narrow blade and pointed end for precision when peeling soft fruit, skinning fish and poultry or cutting around bones, the added flexibility of the utility knife ensures ease of handling and makes this a great all-round knife. 

We hope you enjoy these videos and find them a useful resource to improve your knife skills. 

With special thanks to Rhoda Pond Productions, The Chef's Dozen and The Siematic Kitchen Gallery.