Let there be light

Winter heralds a new home comfort: candlelight.

Tis' the season for getting cosy and creating the perfect ambience in our homes to welcome guests and celebrate Christmas. With this in mind Robert Welch bring you lighting inspiration to create a beautiful statement in your home.


The simplicity of tealights allows for a golden glow to light up the smallest of spaces. From a living room setting to a bedside table the humble tealight can be encased in a tealight holder to enhance the casting light. Careful placing of tealight holders under mirrors can encourage the reflection of light throughout a room, most effectively on a living room mantelpiece or side table.

tealight holders

Above, from left: Clove tealight holder, Drift hurricane lamp, Sesame tealight holder.


The flickering romance of candlelight has long been the epitome of a dark night and a way to seek comfort. Returning home on a winters night and striking a match to light candles to cast a room in a golden glow has a simple satisfaction and elegance. Hurricane lamps allow for the use of pillar candles and can help to create a pool of light to enhance a setting.

Above left: Drift hurricane lamp Right: Helix hurricane lamp


The elegance of a candlestick or candelabrum most associated with fine dining and enhancing a table setting brings with it a stylish decadence. Bringing drama to a table with the elegance and height of a candlestick and dining candles can be the ultimate centrepiece. Dressing the base of the candlesticks with simple greenery is our favourite styling tip for Christmas.

 Above left : Windrush candlestick Right: Nest candelabrum.


For those who prefer statement lighting the presence of a solid candleholder can be used for both decorative and functional purposes to create a style statement or to allow for a larger candle to cast light to its surroundings. Choose candleholders made from alternative materials to complete the style statement of your room. Using cast iron, stainless steel to enhance the reflection of light, or sumptuous wood detailing to add a touch of luxury will enhance hallways, help to dress  a mantelpiece.

Above: Hobart nutcracker, Hobart candlestick.

Fill your home full of welcoming candlelight this Christmas with our selection of candleholders.