This festive season Robert Welch bring you a selection of promotional sets to make Christmas shopping that little bit easier.


Our team of designers created the Signature knife range after years of development and research and this year we have been celebrating the millionth sale from this range. This Christmas we are offering you irresistible promotional sets to give as gifts:

The Signature 2-piece starter set offers a 15% saving on individual RRPs and is a fantastic introduction to the range, featuring a 10cm vegetable/paring knife and 16cm cooks knife this is a great gift to give to a home cook who takes pride in their preparation.

The Signature 3-piece essential set offers a 20% saving on individual RRPs and includes 3 knives that you shouldn’t be without in the kitchen; a 12cm Kitchen knife, 16cm cook’s knife and a 22cm bread knife.

The Signature Magnetic Knife Rack Set offers a saving of 25% on individual RRPs and completes the modern kitchen. Featuring a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack, 22cm Signature bread knife, 16cm Signature cook’s knife, 10cm Signature vegetable/paring knife and a Signature hand-held knife sharpener it won’t fail to take pride of place in the kitchen.

Top left: Signature 2-piece starter set, Top right: Signature 3-piece essential set.
Bottom: Signature Magnetic Knife Rack Set.


Be prepared and go from kitchen to table with our Signature textile set this Christmas. Including an oven glove, apron and tea towel, save 25% off original RRPs with this gift set.

Malvern cutlery offers an affordable introduction to the Robert Welch cutlery range; this limited edition Malvern 30-piece set offers value for money as well as highly functional design to enhance your dining experience. Stylish and gently contoured enjoy the Malvern cutlery range for your everyday dining or for special occasions. This 30-piece set features the inclusion of 6 steak knives and offers a £39 saving off the individual RRPs.

For the ultimate steak lover this set of 4 Signature plain edged steak knives comes in an oak gift box and is a perfect present to give this Christmas.

Top left: Signature textile set, Top right: Malvern 30-piece set 

Bottom left: Malvern 30-piece set and Bottom right: set of 4 Signature plain edged steak knives 


The Windrush candlestick has long been a favourite of newlyweds and families who use the design of this intertwining candlestick to symbolise family members and unity. This set of 2 Windrush candlesticks is a thoughtful gift to give this Christmas and will make a sculptural statement in any home.

The set of 2 Drift candleholders features an elegant waved base pressed from 18/10 stainless steel and hand finished with a glass surround. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors this set will help to create the perfect ambience all year round.

The Scribe gift set comprises a pen pot; paperweight, small-lidded pot and tablet stand to elegantly enhance a workspace at home or in the office.

Robert Welch Christmas decorations are fast becoming collectable items year on year. For 2016 Senior Designer Kit deBretton-Gordon has created a classic bauble shape where branches of holly, mistletoe and ivy have inspired the gentle movement of each stylised pattern. These sets of 3 are available in a choice of silver or gold and are supplied on a red ribbon and individually packaged in gift envelopes - perfect to post! 

Top left: set of 2 Drift candleholders, Top right: Scribe gift set,
Bottom: Christmas decorations

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