Tableware Product Care

Taking Care of Tableware

Robert Welch's collection of tableware accessories are designed for both classic and contemporary table settings.

Care of stainless steel based dining accessories:

• Use a 'microfibre cloth' to clean the stainless steel.

Care of walnut based dining accessories:

• Walnut is lacquered when manufactured. For this reason, it is best to keep any walnut based products away from moisture and humid conditions.
• To maintain the quality of the material, oils such as canola or olive oil can be applied. Ensure all excess oil is removed.
• Wash walnut based products by hand and dry with a soft cloth.

Care of ABS plastic based dining accessories:

• ABS is a strong and durable polymer which can stand both high and low temperatures.
• This material can be easily maintained at optimum condition by being wiped with a damp cloth.

Care of slate mats and coasters:

• Use a damp cloth to wipe down slate surfaces.
• There is no need to use sprays or chemicals.
• Applying teak of olive oil enhances to natural grain of the slate.
• The slate used in our products is a natural material, which means that sizing can slightly vary.