Cookware Product Care

Taking Care of Cookware

Robert Welch cookware has been designed to deliver optimum performance during the cooking process. Made from the highest quality materials and designed to complement both modern and traditional kitchens.

• Campden cookware is made from 18/10 stainless steel. All stainless steel products are safe to use in household ovens.
• The base of each pan features a copper/stainless steel three-ply sandwich which allows an even heat distribution across the whole base of the pan.
• Campden cookware is suitable to use with all forms of cooking appliance including halogen, electric, gas, induction, ceramic and solid plate.
• Selected Campden cookware hob units feature a Robert Welch Professional S by ILAG® non-stick coating.
• To maintain the quality of the ILAG® non-stick coating, use non-abrasive utensils when cooking and non-abrasive cloths when hand washing. Dry with a soft cloth.
• To remove stubborn stains, apply white vinegar with a soft cloth and scrub thoroughly. There is no need to soak stainless steel cookware.
• All Campden cookware is dishwasher safe. For best results, wash all stainless steel cookware separately to other metals.