Homeware Product Care

Taking Care of your Robert Welch Homeware products

Robert Welch offers a comprehensive range of homeware products, designed to complement all styles of home. Manufactured to the highest standard to ensure that they are enjoyed day after day.

Care of stainless steel homeware:

• Use a 'microfibre cloth' to clean your product.
• Wash gently in warm soapy water with a soft cloth.
• Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
• For the best finish, apply a non-abrasive metal polish.

Care of walnut based homeware:

• Walnut is oiled when manufactured. For this reason, it is best to keep any walnut based products away from moisture and humid conditions.
• To maintain the quality of the material, apply a fine vegetable oil. Ensure all excess oil is removed before use.
• Wash walnut based living products by hand and dry with a soft cloth.

If not washing by hand, we advise using 'all-in-one dishwasher tablets' and 'microfibre cloths' for drying and polishing cutlery.

Care of cast iron homeware:

• To clean homeware products made from these materials simply wipe with a damp cloth.
• There is no need to use abrasive products.
• Ensure products remain dry and are not kept in humid conditions.

Care of slate based homeware:

• Use a damp cloth to wipe down slate surfaces.
• There is no need to use sprays or chemicals.
• Regularly applying teak or olive oil enhances the natural grain of the slate.
• The slate used in our products is an natural material, which means that sizing can slightly vary between products.

Care of photo frames:

• Use a 'microfibre cloth' to clean the stainless steel.
• ABS is a strong and durable polymer which can stand both high and low temperatures.
• ABS can be easily maintained at optimum condition by being wiped with a damp cloth.

Care of PVD coated homeware:

* Not dishwasher safe *

Cleaning by hand (recommended):

1. Wipe gently with a dry micro-fibre cloth, never use abrasive pads.

2. For stubborn marks, use a damp micro-fibre cloth.

3. Do not soak your Robert Welch products.

4. Dry thoroughly immediately after cleaning, with a dry micro-fibre cloth.