Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece
Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece

Signature Book Oak Essential Set, 4 Piece

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  • Signature Hand-held Knife Sharpener Designed to maintain all plain edge kitchen knives, this sharpener features an advanced ceramic wheel, and a solid plastic handle with weighted non-slip base to give you the quickest and easiest way to sharpen your kitchen knives
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Designed to hold a trio of essential knives, save £36 when you buy this Signature Book Oak knife block set. Offering a compact solution to kitchen knife storage, this is a great starter set for the keen home cook. Comprises a Signature Book Oak block and three essential Signature knives.

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Design Notes

Enhance your kitchen knife storage with our Signature Book Oak Essential Set, an effective space-saving knife storage solution. Made from durable solid oak on stable silicone feet and designed to hold three kitchen knives, the block has been designed to safely store your kitchen knives with the blade to the front, so they are the right way round to reach for, remove and use. 

Based on our best seller - the Robert Welch patented Book Oak knife block, but half the size, this new set offers compact knife storage and a trio of essential kitchen knives. The solid oak block features a simple and functional design, organising your kitchen workspace whilst protecting knife blade edges. Suitable for those with less worktop surface, this design offers our smallest footprint and its upright design also minimises the need for countertop space. Designed to be placed against the back or side wall of your kitchen workspace, and also to fit underneath wall cupboards, the Book Oak essential set ensures your knives are always to hand. 

Our curated sets enable you to spend less time deciding which pieces you need and more time enjoying your kitchen. This set will help you to create a more organised space so you can focus on creating meaningful memories in the kitchen. 

The following block and knives make up this set: Book Oak Knife Block (3 Slots) (1); Signature Bread Knife 22cm (1); Signature Kitchen/Utility Knife 12cm (1); Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife 10cm (1)

Please note the following knives are not compatible with this knife block: Signature Cook's Knife 25cm; Signature Deep Santoku Knife 17cm; Signature Flexible Slicing Knife 30cm. 

Our wide selection of kitchen knife block sets and storage includes award-winning designs, effective space-saving solutions, integrated or handheld knife sharpeners and knife sets from the Signature knife range, developed with professional chefs. Choosing the right kitchen knife, the best knife for the task at hand, makes preparing a meal easier. Selecting the perfect knife for slicing, dicing or chopping allows you to work with accuracy and cut consistently, which helps food to cook more evenly. The specially hardened, high-quality, German stainless steel used for our Signature knives is durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Technical Information

The Book Oak knife block is made from durable solid oak.

Robert Welch kitchen knives have a fully forged German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel blade with a full tang for superior strength. German stainless steel, hardened to Rockwell 56 allows for easy home maintenance and a superior sharpness that lasts. The handle is made from tactile DuPont™ POM and features the RW insignia, a permanent steel detail.

Download our guide to sharpening your Signature Knife with the Signature Hand-held Knife Sharpener.


Depth: 80 mm

Height: 255 mm

Width: 114 mm

Care & Need to Know

Download our guide to sharpening your Signature Knife with the Robert Welch Hand-held Sharpener.

Using our Hand-Held Knife Sharpener: 
View the video on How to use the Signature Hand-held Sharpener by clicking on the video icon in the image panel on this page.

Water Sharpening (best)
1. Remove the clear guide, fill the recess under the ceramic wheel with water and replace guide.
2. Hold sharpener firmly on a flat surface.
3. Align your blade within the guide, slide the blade back and forth through the ceramic wheel 10 - 20 times from heel to tip (applying light pressure) until desired sharpness has been achieved.
4. Rinse and dry your knife thoroughly.
5. Sharpen twice a month (or to suit) to maintain the desired edge sharpness.

Dry Sharpening (quick) - Follow steps 2 - 5, as above.
We recommend that after 12-24 months, depending on the frequency of use, you change the ceramic sharpening wheel in order to maintain your knife’s cutting edge to a high standard.

Replacement wheels are available as a set of two.

Cleaning the hand-held sharpener
The sharpener should be cleaned periodically by hand, lifting the clear guard off to wipe inside using a damp micro-fibre cloth and then dried thoroughly before replacing the guard. The ceramic wheel can be removed and washed in the dishwasher to prevent a build-up of sharpener dust.

Caring for Wooden Knife Storage and Kitchen Accessories:
For a quick clean, simply wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth and thoroughly dry. Or for a comprehensive clean wash with hot, soapy, water and dry thoroughly. Treat with a suitable food-safe mineral oil on a regular basis to maintain optimum condition. Wipe off excess oil and allow to dry before using.

Use a dry microfibre cloth, (dampened for more stubborn marks) and dried immediately after cleaning.

Caring for your Signature Knives:

By hand (recommended):
• Rinse the Signature knives to remove any traces of food.
• Wash gently in warm, soapy, water with a soft cloth. There is no need to soak your Signature knives.
• Thoroughly dry stainless steel knives individually.
• For the best finish, apply a non-abrasive metal polish.

In the dishwasher:
• Ensure your dishwasher setting are set as per the manufacturers' instructions for water hardness in your area.
• Maintain the appropriate salt and rinse aid levels in your dishwasher.
• Before placing in the dishwasher, rinse Signature knives to remove all traces of food.
• Wash stainless steel Signature knives separately to other metals, such as silver, in order to keep them in optimum condition.
• The best detergents for Signature knives are free from chlorides and citrus additives.
• Standard dishwasher programmes are recommended, there is no need to rinse and hold Signature knives.
• Occasional application of mineral oil to the handles of kitchen knives will maintain their colour. Remove any excess oil before use.

For further information please see our Kitchen Knives Product Care page.

Our Guarantee

The Book Oak knife block has a 10 Year Guarantee.

All Robert Welch Signature kitchen knives have a Lifetime Guarantee.

Delivery & Returns

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We pride ourselves on our consistent delivery promise and often exceed customer expectations, however, please be aware that we may need to change our delivery timescales when we are unfortunate enough to experience operational challenges.

If you would like to contact us about your delivery, the Customer Care Team are available on 01386 840 522, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm GMT (excluding Bank Holidays), via email at or through live chat on the website, 7 days a week.

For further information, please see our Delivery page.

Design Story: Signature Knives (2005-2007)

Design Story: Signature Knives (2005-2007)

Design Director, Paul deBretton Gordon was first tasked with this project when he joined Robert Welch. He reflects "The design process for the Signature knife range was rooted in questioning all aspects of functionality, durability, methods of manufacture and ease of use." He worked in collaboration with Rupert Welch to perfect the knives using the experience of professional chefs. The knife range was rigorously tested over three years. Signature knives are now much loved by both professional and amateur chefs alike.