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Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm


A 28cm non-stick frying pan from the Campden cookware range. Made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and suitable for all cooking methods.

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Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm


The Robert Welch Campden cookware 28cm non-stick frying pan is constructed from superior quality 18/10 stainless steel and has a PFOA free Excalibur non-stick coating. Excalibur is considered to be the toughest, longest-lasting, most durable non-stick coating in the world.

The base of each pan features tri-layering technology, a copper core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, allowing for even and efficient heat distribution across the whole base and eliminating hot spots during cooking.

Suitable for all cooking methods including induction, the pans are dishwasher safe. The body of each frying pan is covered by our 25 year guarantee, the Excalibur non-stick coating is covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Campden cookware frying pans are gift boxed.

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Item Weight: 1642g


Height: 78 mm

Height of Pan Body: 75mm

Length: 459mm

Width: 291 mm

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

* * * * *
Fantastic saucepan

“Really well designed and really good quality. I’m so impressed that I now own one in both 24cm and 28cm.

These pans look the part and they sure as hell act the part.”

– Amy, 17th January 2020
* * * * *
An induction frying pan that does a perfect job

“Cookware may be marked "Induction" or "Induction-compatible", but in reality it's very hard to find cookware that let's you get the real benefits from an induction hob, and that also lasts. So far, I've bought other good non-stick frying pans that weren't cheap and that work perfectly with my induction hob - but the non-stick layer started to disintegrate gradually after a couple of years so that cooking started to stick. I've bought cast-iron frying pans that work perfectly with my induction hob - but no matter how much and how often I've "seasoned" them, cooking still stuck to them. This time I bought a RW Campden non-stick frying pan and it worked perfectly with my induction hob. But the real test was whether it could also make a perfect omelette that just slid off the pan onto my plate. Oh yes it could - an absolutely perfect omelette, first time. So straight away I bought a second Campden frying pan: it's called "putting your money where your mouth is". And that omelette was just melt-in-your-mouth.”

– Chris Pickles, 9th January 2020
* * * * *
Beauty, Quality, Performance!

“I've only used it for 10 days, but let me tell you - it is very difficult to find a non-stick frying pan with this quality. The design is very elegant. Made with high quality materials (that why it is a little heavy). I cooked eggs, pork, beef, fish, shrimps and the results were perfect. It is easy to clean. Thank you Robert Welch for this amazing product!”

– Dobri Vassilev, 2nd January 2020
* * * * *
Christmas gift

“Was given as a gift and am very happy with it.”

– Sam, 27th December 2019
* * * * -

“Nice weighty frying pan. Cooks evenly and no problems at all!”

– Julia, 27th November 2019
* * * * *
Love it

“A good sized frying pan that is very high quality. When frying, the pan evenly distributes the heat evenly too. The modern design handles feel good to hold and also stay cool to the touch. Would never hesitate to recommend Robert Welch cookware.”

– Anne Sargeant, 19th November 2019
* * * * *
Campden Non-stick frying pan

“So far the frying pan is most excellent, I love it.”

– Nina, 9th October 2019
* * * * *

“I bought the 24cm pan along with this one and I'm delighted with the product. Very sturdy without being too heavy to handle. Very well made. Cooks to perfection, non stick and very easy to clean. Just what I needed and worth every penny. Design is very stylish.”

– Frances McPhillips, 4th September 2019
* * * * *
Great Pan!

“Spent a while researching for a new pan and very pleased with Campden Non-Stick.

Little or no oil required, I have an induction hob and have to turn it down a couple of notches compared to other pans as it heats up so well and evenly.

Was looking at the sauté pan too but this is perfect for sauces, scrambled eggs etc. not just frying.

Easy to clean and looks great!”

– Rob, North London, 30th August 2019
* * * * *

“I am very happy with this pan after a couple of weeks use. I use it on an induction hob, the heat is distributed very evenly and the non-stick surface works very well.
I bought this pan after studying lots of reviews and expect/hope that the non-stick surface will last a bit longer than previous pans.”

– Cor Baas, 23rd August 2019
* * * * *
Campden 28cm Frying Pan

“A good size frying pan, excellent quality as always.”

– catherine McKay, 1st August 2019
* * * * *
Best frying pan

“This is a very good quality weighty pan which should last for years.”

– Anne Moore, 16th July 2019
* * * * *
Non Stick Frying Pan

“We have only just started to use our new pans which we purchased form Robert Welch. So far they have been superb, no cold spots on the frying pan, they have a good feel and weight to them, solid and classy looking. We bought these after reading the review in the Independent, if you like cooking and like quality then we can totally recommend the cookware Robert Welch produces.
Steve & Kaz Harlow”

– Steven Ilett, 19th June 2019
* * * * *
Beautiful looking and swell made.

“Quick fast delivery service, hassle free. My wife loves this frying pan, lovely feel and weight to it.”

– Ronald Henderson, 18th May 2019
* * * * *
A joy to use

“I've used my new frying pan for two weeks and love it. Food cooks evenly across the base, the design of the handle allows easy lifting. My earlier purchases of kitchen knives has led me to choose Robert Welch again and I have not been let down. All a joy to use - Thank you.”

– Jacki, 16th April 2019
* * * * *
Great sturdy pan

“The pan is such a great quality and a pleasure to cook with.”

– Iain Jeffery, 9th April 2019
* * * * *

“Great Pans! They maintain heat evenly.. The only thing I didn't consider is they don't have a hole in handle to hang from hanging rack. They arrived so quick! I would recommend these pans to everyone. I have Mauviel pans and I will be using these over them from now on!”

– Chris, 19th February 2019
* * * * *

“Excellent pan, sturdy and a joy to use. I will be buying more in the future.”

– Terry, 14th February 2019
* * * * *

“I'm very happy with the pan. It is big enough and not too heavy and it's a pleasure to cook with it. If I'm going to buy another one, I'll definitely buy this brand.”

– Barbara, 8th February 2019
* * * * *

“An excellent product. The frying pan is a joy to use and has the additional benefit of looking great”

– M D Whiddett, 21st January 2019
* * * * *
Fantastic frying pan

“I do a lot of cooking, and tend to go through a frying pan every year or so. This year I decided to buy something a little more special, and based on the revews picked the Robert Welch frying pan.

So far, it is a pleasure to cook with, and, has a great rugged feel that makes me think that this frying pan is going to last my significantly longer than a year.”

– Matthew, 13th January 2019
* * * * *

“I love this pan. Not too heavy, works really well on my induction Hob as the heat spreads evenly. The non-stick seems to be really good quality.”

– Chrissy Barclay, 12th January 2019
* * * * *
5-star stuff!

“After browsing the internet in search for the best frying pan, my wife and I came across the name Robert Welch. We did some research and were convinced this could be the frying pan we've been looking for, for years. Well, we've not been disappointed at all. The delivery itself was super fast with the pan in our hands within a week, from UK to Mauritius right in the middle of the busy December. Then came the unboxing which really looked like something classy and exclusive. Once the frying pan was here in our hands, it was time for the first test...what an experience! Be it for frying an egg or making a toast, to making a more elaborate dish, this frying pan is just a joy to use with the food tasting like real food. The non stick is a charm, and the heat really is uniform thanks to the copper layer underneath. As we never wanted to compromise on quality as we cook for our 3 yr old daughter, this frying pan has been the perfect choice for us. Since then, we've not stopped buying Robert Welch stuff even though we're not in the UK and that's because it's just 5-star stuff!”

– Wassim Sookia, 6th January 2019
* * * * *
Excellent pan

“We were looking for an alternative to a le creuset cast iron pan with a little less maintenance required, and this has proven a great choice. Very sturdy and well made, heats very evenly and should last a very long time. Very pleased!”

– Alexandra, 27th December 2018
* * * * *
Outstanding and beautifully made pan, thank you Robert Welch and team.

“What an amazing find. I have tried so many other non stick pans, ceramic, teflon etc and have been been disappointed with their performance. I have spent hours searching for just the right product for all my cooking needs. This pan is really top notch quality at a very reasonable price. It is just lovely to use, does what it says it will, non stick. It is a real pleasure to handle and a thing of beauty to look at. I have not had it long and cant bear to put it hidden away in the pan drawer. It sits proudly on my gas hob. Well done Robert Welch and team. Wonderful customer service. I will be highly recommending you and hope to shop for more of your cookware range soon.

– Joy Cole, 14th November 2018
* * * * *
Would Recommend to anyone who appreciates good kitchen tools

“I ordered this pan online and received it last week, and I'm extremely happy with the quality as well as with the design. As it's very heavy it holds the temperature very well. Definitely build to last”

– Daniel Stiegler, 6th November 2018
* * * * *
Great Frying Pan

“Sleek, modern and cooks perfectly. Expensive but worth the money.”

– Pat, 2nd November 2018
* * * * *

“Really pleased with this frying pan. Excellent design without being too heavy. Easy to clean, even after well done steaks. Made the best fried eggs ever!”

– Susan McLaren, 23rd October 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick 28cm Frying Pan

“We’ve been using the frying pan for a couple of weeks or so and we love cooking with it. It cooks evenly across the surface, cleans easily and looks great. It definitely feels like an upgrade and well worth the cost.”

– Dave Shepherd, 16th October 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan28cm

“Worth every penny”

– Carole Paterson, 9th October 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm

“Lovely pan, everything glides around it and the metal handle doesn't get hot, surprisingly! Good to know we are using a healthy pan that is a joy to cook with.”

– Pauline Cory, 4th October 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm = perfect!!

“Amazing frying pan! So sleek, nothing sticks at all and it's nice and big. No complaints whatsoever, it's definitely worth the money as you get the quality. Now I want to buy all the Robert Welch Campden range!!”

– Lisa, 24th July 2018
* * * * *
Superb Quality

“I've previously bought cheap frying pans, and have got used to food sticking to them sometimes, having to soak them before cleaning and replacing them frequently. This pan is completely different. It cost a lot more, but the old adage is true - you get what you pay for. It is heavier, more solid - and a seriously good frying pan. I am delighted with it and suspect (and hope) that I'll be using it for well over a decade.”

– Stockport Mum, 5th July 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan - Perfect

“Early days but so far the non-stick is perfect.”

– Federico, 3rd July 2018
* * * * *
Sleek & Stylish

“Great pan. Weight feels just right. Looks good and most of all cooks perfectly. As promised nothing sticks and so easy to clean, I definitely recommend this pan.
i'm thinking of changing my other pans to Robert Welch.”

– Juliet, 27th June 2018
* * * * *
The Perfect Frying Pan

“I'd been looking for a new pan for a while and after reading the review on the Independent I ordered the Robert Welsh 28cm non stick Frying pan. It's fantastic. The balance is perfect and the handle is very comfortable which makes it safe and secure when moving a hot pan around. The non stick is exactly that, the heat distribution is excellent and it gives a great sear on meat. I bought from the Robert Welsh website and had it shipped to France, it arrived 3 days later. A very happy customer”

– Jon, 23rd June 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan

“It's a marvellous product - Such a classy looking item and it is really really non-stick and a pleasure to use.”

– Hugh Gallacher, 20th June 2018
* * * * *
Best Non-Stick We've Cooked With.

“Having over the years bought many different so-called non-stick frying pans, some very expensive ones, we've inevitably been disappointed with various aspects of them; the build quality, the fact the cooking surfaces are not flat, the poor heat distribution qualities, the lack of durability of the non-stick coating. Too early to comment on the latter quality, but we're delighted with the other aspects of this pan. On the induction hob it heats up so quickly (the copper layer responsible perhaps), it's nice & flat, and it reeks of quality. Looking forward to many years' use.”

– Tony Miller, 15th June 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan - Excellence

“My new frying pan is the last word in quality and style.”

– Graham Hand, 12th June 2018
* * * * *
Fantastic frying

“Tres Bon. Shiny, fries well, washes easy. What’s not to like!”

– Kevin Hutcheon, 2nd June 2018
* * * * -
28cm non-stick frying pan

“Nice heavy pan. Food seems to cook evenly. Good size and does what it suppose to. I would have found a rounder handle easier to use than the flat one. All in all I am impressed. Would I recommend this to a friend? YES!”

– Sally Riley, 2nd June 2018
* * * * *
Campden 28" frying pan

“This is much more than I have ever paid for a frying pan before, but the old adage you get what you pay is definitely true here, absolutely superb and well worth every penny. It gets hotter than any pan I've ever had and the non-stick is unbelievable.”

– Michael, 19th April 2018
* * * * *
Superb product

“We have tried numerous non-stick frying pans and this is by far the best. Unhesitatingly recommend.”

– Shaun Luttrell, 13th April 2018
* * * * *
Perfect gift

“I bought this as a present for my mum in New Zealand and she loves it. Used it a few times and says it’s ‘super’ and easy to clean. Hadn’t bought this brand before, but happy with this purchase!”

– Erica, 7th April 2018
* * * * *
Beautiful and functional

“Very high quality and a joy to look at. Cooks well and evenly. Beautiful simple design.”

– Penelope Harvey, 21st March 2018
* * * * *
Campden non-stick frying pan 28cm

“I am very happy with my new pan, which I received in excellent condition. I have only used it once to date, but it more than suppassed my expectations.”

– Karen, 20th March 2018
* * * * *
Excellent quality

“A pleasure to use after the frustration of my old frying pan.”

– Chris Preist, 12th March 2018
* * * * -
Fab pan!

“Only used once so far but love it. Great size, great weight and great result when frying. One star off because I wish it came with a lid.”

– Catherine Munro, 9th March 2018
* * * * *
Campden non-stick frying pan

“We love this frying pan and it's really non-stick. I think we will try other items from Robert Welch.”

– Liudas, 8th March 2018
* * * * *
Campden frying pan

“Super product. Delighted that I have purchased this item. Would recommend this product and Robert Welch.”

– Patrick DONNELLY, 1st March 2018
* * * * *
Great product

“Great product, high quality material and excellent results.”

– Cesar Castaldi, 28th February 2018
* * * * *
Best thing since the old blackened cast iron ones.

“Looks and feels classy. If the non-stick lasts 10 years it'll be a record.”

– david valentine, 24th February 2018
* * * * *
An excellent product

“This pan is stylish as are all your products and it's higher sides makes it suitable for a variety of cooking uses apart from just frying.”

– Jill Nieuwenhuys, 23rd February 2018
* * * * *
Best pan I've ever had said my daughter!

“Daughter wanted a decent frying pan for her birthday. I bought this pan as recommended by Independent and she has been so happy with her perfect pan present! I want one now!”

– Cheryl Maughan, 23rd February 2018
* * * * *
A super frying pan

“So far so good. The pan has been in daily use for the last two weeks since arriving. Heats evenly and is a cinch to wash after use.”

– David Price, 21st February 2018
* * * * *

“This is a great pan. It has a very good weight, a thick base and distributes the heat very evenly. It is robust and well made, and I expect to be using this pan every day for years to come. The coating is perfect as well. Food simply doesn't stick. It looks very stylish, too!”

– Dr. Mario Brandhorst, 20th February 2018
* * * * *
New Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm

“This is our third Robert Welch product. The quality and the finish is as always second to none.”

– Derek Marshall, 17th February 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28 cm

“An exceptional quality product, backed by the Robert Welch 25 yr guarantee. Easy to use and clean. Already have the 24 cm version, so had to buy the 28 cm one also.”

– Chris Clarke, 15th February 2018
* * * * *

“My first purchase of a Robert Welsh item. Delighted with it, the design, ease of use, the fact that it is dishwasher safe but most of all its performance. This item works on all levels.”

– Michael, 17th January 2018
* * * * *
Frying pan

“It's exactly what we were looking for. Good weight. Solid base. No PTFE.”

– Paul Musson, 16th January 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm

“We have many of the RW Campden Cookware range cooking and frying pans. All are superb and have now been in use for over 10 years and still as-new.

In fact we've only just made our first replacement of the Campden 28cm frying pan due to the non-stick surface being eroded and misused over time with the wrong cooking (metal spoons/spatulas) utensils.

Awesome cooking pots and pans and worth paying the extra money for the best quality.”

– Stephen Wagstaff, 10th January 2018
* * * * *
Non stick frying pan

“Brilliant chunky product.”

– Nigel shaw, 5th January 2018
* * * * *

“I gave a significant number of Robert Welch items, the most recent the 28cm fry pan. It is great, heavy but I am sure will last well as other items I have got done years.”

– Eileen Leonard, 8th September 2017
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