Introducing the Robert Welch Legacy Collection, marking six decades of design.

The Legacy Collection celebrates Robert Welch's contribution to the evolution of British product design for the home by bringing best-selling classics such as Radford Cutlery and our Limbrey Salt & Pepper mills together with limited production versions of Hobart cast iron.

In 1955 Robert Welch set up his design studio on the top floor of the Old Silk Mill, Chipping Campden. Here, surrounded by hundreds of years of history, in this working building, many of the products he designed have helped shape British modernism product design.

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Limbrey Salt & Pepper Mills
These salt & pepper mills are named to commemorate the life of Robert Welch's longstanding friend and colleague silversmith John Limbrey. Inspired by an original 1963 design, produced in silver and rosewood, the mills have been reinvented for 21st century.

Hobart Candlestick
The Hobart candlestick was designed in 1962, the first in a range of decorative cast iron by Robert Welch. The iconic design is now back in small-scale production and remains an eye catching reminder of the best of mid-century design. 

Radford Cutlery
Based upon a design that was developed in 1984 from studies of historic Georgian cutlery designs, fulfilling requests to recreating missing or additional pieces to match traditional cutlery sets. Substituting traditional bone or ivory handles with durable stainless steel and re-released in 2001, Radford has become our most popular cutlery, timeless and practical for modern living. 

Hobart Nutcracker
This sturdy, cast iron nutcracker in the form of a press, was originally conceived in 1964. With its bold profile and simple mechanism reminiscent of nineteenth century engineering, it has become an iconic Robert Welch piece. 

Sun Dish
Originally designed and produced in the 1960s, this decorative dish is perfect for fruit, nuts or when simply left empty. Grooves within the outer rim of the bowl are inspired by the sun's rays whilst the sunken central recess echoes Robert Welch's familiar Ammonite cutlery pattern.

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