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Signature Bread Knife 22cm


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The Signature 22cm/8.5" bread knife has a scalloped blade with a pointed end ideal for slicing through crusty loaves, French sticks and cakes. Made from high quality German stainless steel with an ergonomic DuPont™ handle.

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Signature Bread Knife 22cm

Designed in consultation with professional chefs, this award winning kitchen knife features a fully forged German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel blade with a full tang for extra strength. The scalloped blade edge is hand applied at a 15° angle. The handle is made from tactile DuPont™ and is ergonomically shaped for comfort, balance and to minimise fatigue.

All Signature knives are gift boxed, have a lifetime guarantee and are dishwasher safe.

Part of the Signature kitchen collection which includes kitchen knives, scissors, utensils, kitchen accessories, kitchen storage and textiles.

PLEASE NOTE - you must be aged 18 or over to buy this product in the UK


Blade Length: 220mm

The anatomy of a Signature knife

Produced in consulation with professional chefs, Signature kitchen knives showcases the very best in British design.

The anatomy of a Signature knife
  • Lasting superior sharpness

    Lasting superior sharpness

    German stainless steel, hardened to Rockwell 56, is used in the manufacture of all Robert Welch kitchen knives. Being more malleable than Japanese steel allows for easy home maintenance and a superior sharpness that lasts.

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

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Bread Knife

“Feels good to handle and is perfectly sharp. It cuts through even hard-baked crusts. I’ll be giving this bread knife as presents, as I’m so thrilled with it myself.”

– Hilary Gilbert, 5th March 2020
* * * * *
Lovely quality

“Cuts all bread with ease. Beautifully weighted and well made.
Will always buy Robert Welch products.”

– Sarah Evans, 18th February 2020
* * * * *
Effortless and elegant. Simply fantastic

“This is the best bread knife I’ve ever had. So sharp that it just glides through all types of bread. I love using it!”

– Ruth Schorah, 4th February 2020
* * * * *
Bread knife

“The best bread knife I have used in 45 years of slicing loaves.”

– Alison O'Boyle, 28th January 2020
* * * * *
Bread knife

“Best bread knife I've used in 50 years of slicing loaves.”

– Alison O'Boyle, 28th January 2020
* * * * *
Bread knife

“Bought as a gift for someone who uses Robert Welch knives professionally, highly recommended and worthy of a 5 star review.”

– Colin Trapp, 16th January 2020
* * * * *
Fantastic bread knife

“Bought this as a Christmas present to myself and soon found myself very pleased with it.
It cuts everything from crusty homemade bread to crumbly fruit cake cleanly and easily. In addition, as with all the Signature knives, it has a really nice balance and very comfortable grip.”

– Paul Duckworth, 11th January 2020
* * * * *
Wonderful knife

“This is a wonderful knife, I have replaced my Global knives and this is just one of them. They are so easy to handle very comfortable in the hand. The bread knife arrived a few days ago and I am delighted with it. Thank you Robert Welch - I wish I had done the replacement of my global knives a lot earlier.”

– Margaret Affleck, 2nd November 2019
* * * * *
Excellent bread knife

“I have recently replaced my Global knives with Robert Welch ones. Pleased to say that the bread knife perfectly complements the rest. Sharp and reliable.”

– Bill Dove, 21st August 2019
* * * * *
Signature Bread Knife 22 cm

“If there are better bread knives, I've yet to come across one. Lovely balance in the hand, slices like a dream.”

– Joanna Perry, 21st July 2019
* * * * *
Brilliant knife

“This is good quality, very sharp and makes it easy to thinly slice bread. Good value for money.”

– Anne Moore, 20th July 2019
* * * * *
Bread knife cuts as easy as butter

“I did a lot of research because we eat hard crusted bread almost daily. We already have a more expensive Global knife and an old Sabatier bread knife. The Robert Welch one is by far the best. It is easy in the hand and it cuts through bread without effort. Highly recommend.”

– Saskia M, 7th July 2019
* * * * *
Bought as thank you gift

“Stayed with friends who had a rubbish bread knife. Sent this as a thank you. I’ve been invited back !!”

– Sara Sargeant, 6th June 2019
* * * * *
Lovely bread knife

“Wow this knife cuts through bread like butter. Excellent addition to my collection. Highly recommend”

– samantha, 30th May 2019
* * * * *
Great knife.

“I don’t think you can find as good a knife for this price point. Comparable knives are significantly more.”

– Carl, 5th May 2019
* * * * *
Seriously good breadkife!

“I have never had a bread knife quite like this one - it feels more like cutting through butter than bread! Excellent quality and a total joy to use. I live in France and use it for cutting a lot of French bread, and it even glides through frozen French baguette crusts! Another superb addition to my RW knife block. Highly recommend.”

– Mel B, 2nd May 2019
* * * * *
Signature Bread Knife 22 cm

“Absolutely beautifully crafted knife; really sharp. It simply glides through bread without slightest pressure.”

– Sasa, 16th April 2019
* * * * *
Who needs a new bread knife

“Well who does? Just try this one and you will see. Wow what a difference it makes. Unbelievable!
It really is like cutting through butter.”

– Linda Johnson, 19th January 2019
* * * * *
Signature Bread Knife

“I can’t fault these knives, bought for Christmas gifts and now for myself, top quality and have a good weight and shape (Signature Bread Knife and Signature Cooks Knife)”

– Stephanie Wilson-Pink, 27th December 2018
* * * * *

“Superior in every way - perfectly weighted and excellent cutting ability. Highly recommended!”

– Karen, 27th December 2018
* * * * *

“I just can't believe how good this knife is. It makes slicing bread so very easy.

– John Greene, 14th December 2018
* * * * *
Great Bread Knife

“Easy to use, stylish and looks great in my RW knife block.”

– Katie, 25th November 2018
* * * * *
Signature Bread Knife

“Super stylish, super sharp and simply the best knives in the world.”

– ashley jones, 14th August 2018
* * * * *
Bread Knife - Easy to use

“This knife is so easy to use. The ergonomics are great and the weight is perfect, I don't know how I managed before!”

– Marc Le Roux, 8th August 2018
* * * * *
Bread Knife 22cm

“My delivery arrived earlier than expected, so I could start cutting bread effortlessly sooner! I have been delighted with the 22cm Bread knife as it's not too big and cumbersome, it cuts the most crustiest of bread so easily. It's proved great must have to my knife collection.”

– Louise Gauntlett, 24th July 2018
* * * * *
Signature Bread Knife - Perfect Bread Knife

“Have started making bread again after many years, I wanted a new knife.”

– Carol Colby, 19th June 2018
* * * * *
22cm Bread knife

“This knife makes it easy to cut all types of bread. It's well weighted and really works.”

– kathleen, 22nd May 2018
* * * * *
Best knife ever

“I recently started making sourdough and other country style breads. The Signature bread knife cuts through the crust superbly. It is nicely balanced and feels good to hold. Altogether a fabulous purchase.”

– Catherine Pritchard, 30th March 2018
* * * * *

“What a bread knife! This knife is so well made and sharp that I threw away my German made bread knife. Can’t say enough good things about Robert Welch knives. Excellant quality. Will be giving these as Christmas gifts this year.”

– Michael Brogan, 21st February 2018
* * * * *
Not too shabby at all!

“Well weighted and easy to handle and excellent quality for the price! Time will tell on overall performance, but I use a lot of Robert Welch knives daily and have not been disappointed so far.”

– Annew, 30th January 2018
* * * * *
The best Bread knife !

“The most beautiful and efficient bread knife I ever had in 56 years!”

– Maud ℅ Myriam Van de Kerchove ℅ Kaminski, 30th January 2018
* * * * *
Best bread knife ever

“I used my sister's Robert Welch bread knife and it is the best knife ever. I am about to order one for my husband's birthday present - isn't he lucky!”

– Lord Sydney, 2nd June 2017
* * * * *
Just the best bread knife

“I own several Robert Welch knives and they are all fantastic - aside from doing the job, the ergonomics make them comfortable to use. Even my teenagers appreciate them - how many teenagers even notice knives? This is my second bread knife - nothing wrong with the previous one, I just need two.”

– Julie Kershaw, 8th October 2015
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