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Signature Carving Knife 23cm (1), Signature Bread Knife 22cm (1), Signature Cooks Knife 18cm (1), Santoku Knife 11cm (1), Signature Kitchen Knife 14cm (1), Signature Vegetable / Paring Knife 10cm, Classic Oak Chopping Board 38cm

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Signature Knife Block with Sharpener


A knife block from the award-winning Signature range. Designed to hold 6 knives and with a space for an integrated knife sharpener.

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Signature Knife Block with Sharpener

As beautiful as it is practical, the Signature knife block has been designed with effortless human interaction in mind. This block comes complete with an integrated ceramic wheel knife sharpener, to keep knives honed and sharp. A magnetic locator in each slot draws the spine of the knife to the block, preventing damage to the cutting edge when inserting or removing the knives. Made from durable matt black ABS with a polished stainless steel collar.

Product Highlights:
•  Magnets hold blade away from the block, preventing damage to the cutting edge. 
•  Ceramic wheel knife sharpener to maintain the 15° blade edge of Signature knives.
•  Multi-award winning British design and a 25 year guarantee.

We recommend that after 12-24 months, depending on frequency of use, you change the ceramic sharpening wheel in order to maintain your knife's cutting edge to a high standard. Sold as a block only to hold a combination of Robert Welch knives. Block consists of 1 small, 2 medium and 3 large knife slots. All knives in the small and medium sized sleeves also fit into the large sleeve.

Knife Compatible slot
  S M L
Bread Knives      
Signature Bread Knife 22cm - ✓ -
Carving Knives      
Signature Carving Knife 20cm - ✓ -
Signature Carving Knife 23cm - ✓ -
Cook's Knives      
Signature Cook's Knife 12cm - - ✓
Signature Cook's Knife 14cm - - ✓
Signature Cook's Knife 16cm - - ✓
Signature Cook's Knife 18cm - - ✓
Signature Cook's Knife 20cm - - ✓
Signature Cook's Knife 25cm - - -
Flexible Knives      
Signature Flexible Filleting Knife 16cm - ✓ -
Signature Flexible Utility Knife 16cm - ✓ -
Kitchen Knives      
Signature Kitchen Knife 12cm - ✓ -
Signature Kitchen Knife 14cm - ✓ -
Santoku Knives      
Signature Santoku Knife 11cm - - ✓
Signature Santoku Knife 14cm - - ✓
Signature Santoku Knife 17cm - - ✓
Signature Deep Santoku Knife 17cm - - -
Slicing Knives      
Signature Slicing Knife 30cm - - -
Signature Flexible Slicing Knife 30cm - - -
Signature Tomato Knife 14cm (Serrated) - ✓ -
Signature Utility Knife 12cm (Serrated) - ✓ -
Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife 8cm ✓ - -
Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife 10cm ✓ - -
Signature Steak Knife 10cm (Plain & Serrated) ✓ - -

Incompatible Knives: Signature Cook's Knife 25cm, Signature Deep Santoku Knife 17cm, Signature Slicing Knife 30cm, Signature Flexible Slicing Knife 30cm


Depth: 200mm

Height: 240mm

Width: 230mm

  • Lasting superior sharpness

    Lasting superior sharpness

    German stainless steel, hardened to Rockwell 56, is used in the manufacture of all Robert Welch kitchen knives. Being more malleable than Japanese steel allows for easy home maintenance and a superior sharpness that lasts.

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

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Brilliant knife block

“Simple is good. The design of the RW Signature knife block goes so well with the contemporary kitchen in our new house. The magnets keep the knife edge away from the block and the built in sharpening wheel means that I can ensure a razor sharp edge every time I use a knife. I've had the knives over several years now and just give them a few strokes of the sharpener to keep the edge honed. The built in sharpener on this block is even better than the still excellent hand held version. No hesitation in recommending the knives, sharpener and of course the knife block.”

– Charlie Beeden, 11th January 2020
* * * * *
Elegant and practical

“I replaced my old wooden block with this superb one as it accommodates my five Robert Welch knives. It holds them so well, protecting the blades with a magnetic upper edge. It looks wonderful in my smart new kitchen. You get what you pay for; this is design and function at its very best.”

– Allison Allen, 20th December 2019
* * * * *
Knife block with sharpener

“Excellent quality and product.
Well packed and delivered on time.
Will definitely buy products from RW again.”

– Frances Wade, 11th December 2019
* * * * *
Knife block

“I have always wanted a knife block to keep my knives in a safe place, easy to access and to keep them sharp. This is just the best.”

– Diana Murray, 29th October 2019
* * * * *
Excellent product

“Excellent product, fits knives beautifully.”

– George jackson, 12th April 2018
* * * * *
Knife block with sharpener

“A lovely block, elegantly designed and a fitting addition to my other Robert Welch products. I have only three knives at present but will be adding more and they will now have a stylish block to house them. Very pleased. Delivery time was excellent, as was the packaging. These products exude style.”

– Paul Adrian Rooke, 7th April 2017
* * * * *
Excellent Quality

“Im extremely pleased with my purchase. Excellent delivery time, very well packed in beautiful presentation box. The block looks great in my kitchen and has been well admired. Have been collecting Robert Welch knifes for a few years, now I have a beautiful place to keep them. The knife sharpener is a great touch and does an excellent job. Would recommend to friends and family.”

– Melissa Spence, 31st October 2015
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