RW2 Satin Cutlery

RW2 Satin

RW2 Satin Cutlery is an iconic pattern with a distinct Scandinavian influence, evoking a mid-century modern aesthetic. It is a modern variant of Alveston cutlery, originally designed by Robert Welch in 1961 and which won a Design Centre Award in 1965, and the design has been selected for the collections of museums across the world.

From the Alveston cutlery designed in the sixties to the RW2 cutlery of the early 2000s there have been very slight alterations, but the essence of Robert Welch’s first design is still there. However if you are looking to add to an existing set of vintage Alveston or RWI then RW2 will not provide an exact match. The current design is heavier and the individual pieces measure a little larger, so please contact customer services to discuss your requirements further before placing an order.

RW2 Satin Cutlery is part of Collection 5.0®. All pieces in this collection are made from best quality 18/10 stainless steel, a heavier gauge which features exceptional balance and comfort. All patterns in this collection are sold at one price.

RW2 Satin Cutlery ( items)
RW2 Satin Cutlery ( items)