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In light of the recent global crisis, Steele & Stovell, an agency with soul, caught up with Alice Welch who shared her feelings on the company’s response to the pandemic. Her approach? Compassion and communication.

"We have more time for people, to be more thoughtful and listen properly."

Alice Welch, Managing Director of Robert Welch

“I believe that good communication is the best thing that we can do to help our customers and factories at this time, just a call to see how they are, what challenges they have in their business and how we can work collaboratively. We are all in this together.” she said. “I am feeling positive about how kind people are being to one another.”

The team are currently hard at work fulfilling orders and are adjusting to a new routine of Zoom calls alongside home schooling, and Alice wonders whether this way of doing things may continue to some extent after all of this is over. “I am optimistic that work balance could shift considerably. Virtual meetings can enable quick decisions, less travel and more productivity. We have more time for people, to be more thoughtful and listen properly. Each conversation that we have on the phone or virtually may be the only conversation that person might have in the day.”

Indeed, for many businesses, being forced to work remotely has proven not only doable, but also more productive and of course much kinder to the planet. The UK has seen a drop of up to 60% in carbon emissions in some areas, as well as reduced air traffic and quieter roads.


“What makes my soul happy?” Alice mused. “Being able to hear the birds singing, not drowned out by traffic noise.”

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