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Signature Santoku Knife 17cm


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The Signature 17cm/7" santoku knife has a wide scalloped blade for precision slicing and dicing. Fully forged from the highest quality German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel with a hand applied 15° blade edge for superior sharpness.

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Signature Santoku Knife 17cm

Designed in consultation with professional chefs, this 17cm Santoku knife from the multi-award winning Signature range features a fully forged German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel blade with a full tang for superior strength and balance. The Japanese-style blade edge is hand applied at a 15° angle. The handle is made from tactile DuPont™ and is ergonomically shaped for comfort and to minimise fatigue. The RW insignia is a permanent steel detail of the handle.

A wide scalloped blade makes Santoku knives ideal for the precision slicing and dicing of fruit and vegetables. The scalloped indentations create air pockets, pushing food from the blade and reducing friction when slicing. The flat blade edge relies on a more singular downward cutting action, compared to the two-step slicing and rocking action of a cooks knife.

Product Highlights:
•  Highest quality German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel.
•  Hand applied 15° Japanese-style edge for superior sharpness.
•  Fully forged from a single piece of steel for superior strength.
•  Full tang for incredible strength and balance.
•  Angled bolster for full use of the cutting edge and precision control.
•  Hardened to Rockwell 56 for ease of maintenance.
•  Ergonomic DuPont™ handle, mechanically finished for hygiene.
•  Multi-award winning British design and a lifetime guarantee.

To maintain a superior cutting edge we strongly recommend the regular honing of this Santoku knife with a Signature Hand-held Knife Sharpener. All Signature kitchen knives are dishwasher safe. Supplied in presentation packaging.

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Blade Length: 170mm

The anatomy of a Signature knife

Produced in consulation with professional chefs, Signature kitchen knives showcases the very best in British design.

The anatomy of a Signature knife
  • Lasting superior sharpness

    Lasting superior sharpness

    German stainless steel, hardened to Rockwell 56, is used in the manufacture of all Robert Welch kitchen knives. Being more malleable than Japanese steel allows for easy home maintenance and a superior sharpness that lasts.

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

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Signature Santoku knife

“The knife is gorgeous! I haven’t cooked with such pleasure for a long time. ”

– Olga, 18th March 2020
* * * * *

“I have both this and the smaller version, and they're both fantastic. They're really comfortable to hold and use, and stylish too.”

– Helen, 5th February 2020
* * * * *
Happy Cook

“This is the most brilliant knife. I often thinly slice lettuce, this knife made it a really neat and really quick job. Perfection realised.”

– Leni, 23rd January 2020
* * * * *
Beautiful knife

“I am a chef and own the little version of this knife and am very happy I bought this size too.
The shipping was very fast, overall super happy!”

– Ilse Van gogh, 18th October 2019
* * * * *
Fantastic knife

“These knives in this collection are fantastic. This particular knife is balanced nicely and has a great handle - no more blisters. It's also easy to control. This knife is ideal for cutting and slicing.”

– Karen, 18th September 2019
* * * * *
Great value as an additon to our kitchen equipment

“The knife is as efficient as one would expect and it feels good to use in the hand, well weighted.”

– Michael B, 30th July 2019
* * * * *
Style meets Excellence

“An exceptional knife, well balanced, light and razor sharp.

It was given to me as a gift, and I’ve had to track it down because my mother-in-law loved it so much she begged me to buy her one.

Don’t hesitate to buy.”

– William Phipps, 23rd July 2019
* * * * *
Very happy

“Very happy with that purchase and the quick delivery!”

– Athi, 29th March 2019
* * * * *
The product is good.

“The cutting power of this knife is surprisingly excellent
I strongly recommend this knife.”

– Jungsuk Hong, 17th January 2019
* * * * *
Great knife

“Delivery was fast. I was so excited to finally be able to chop things with ease. Ive used this knife to chop chicken wings, chicken meat, carrots and harder vegetables. It was also a good size for mincing things up. Like it says, when you chop the food chunks dont stick to the knife. But mincing garlic got stuck probably cause its very fine bits. Amazing knife. ”

– Cassandra, 28th December 2018
* * * * *
Santoku 17cm knife

“A superb chefs knife , easy to hold, slices through the most difficult vegetables with ease eg a whole celeriac. The very sharp blade equally slices fresh meats with ease. Very satisfied with the purchase.”

– David Oddy, 15th December 2018
* * * * *
Present for a friend

“I bought this knife as my friends first professional Chefs knife and all I can say is wow.

From the handle to the blade all you get is pure elegance. This knife truly is a masterpiece in every way making it easy to use, and maintain, which meant my friend could start to properly be able to experiment what a good knife can do for a Chef.

Having owned a Signature Chef knife from Robert Welch I knew straight away this was the knife she needed after switching to Robert Welch.

All I can do is recommend any of the Robert Welch branded knives for comfort and elegance while cooking and prepping whether it be at home or in your place of work”

– Georgie Schmidt, 1st December 2018
* * * * *
Sandoku Knife 17cm

“The word "perfect" is the most appropriate word to describe this Santoku knife. It is sharp and beautiful.

I bought this knife last August. I considered Robert Welch's kitchen knife together with several world-famous companies's knives prior to the purchase of a knife. And after hearing a lot of comments from both online and offline, I decided to buy this knife.

I have since never regreted my decision.

The cutting power of this knife is surprisingly excellent. Compared to Robert Welch's chef knife that I bought together, it seems to have better cutting power. Also, the weight balance is very good, and the burden on the wrist is low.
I would like to recommend this knife to those who are worried about buying a knife.”

– Kwangjoo Kim, 11th September 2018
* * * * *
My first professional knife

“I am a chef and about 9 - 10 months ago I set out to find a set of knives that had quality, comfort and style and I looked at many many different brands.

I tried and tested knife after knife and I kept coming back to the Robert Welch range and decide to purchase the 17cm Santoku and I was astonished at the quality that it provided at such a reasonable price I have never looked back on my decision and I have slowly built up my collection over the past few months of Robert Welch knifes...I have recommended them to friends, family, other chefs and even strangers I met in the shop (no joke).

For any chefs in training I would highly recommend this or the 16cm chefs knife as great first knifes to start off with as they are so useful and designed in such a way that they are great to use for any basic culinary task.

The weight of the handle and blade are both light yet heavy enough for great and effective use of the blade and you only need to use this knife once to understand what I mean. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort went in to deigning this and other knives.

As a brand Robert Welch has many modern designs as well as other traditional designs that are all stunning and I have never been let down on quality from this company.

To the Robert Welch team, you are doing a great job and from what I’ve read about Robert Welch I’m sure he would be very proud of the work you are all doing. Thank you all for all your efforts.”

– Mr Curtis Elliott, 25th February 2018
* * * * *
Quality Quality Quality

“I have already owned the Santoku 17cm knife for at least 4 years, the one recently purchased was a gift for my daughter. The knife it still as good now as it was when originally bought and only needs sharpening every few months. The balanced weight of the knife is perfect, as is the shape of the handle. I never wash my Robert Welch knives in the dishwasher and they look as good as new. I own the RW Signature black and chrome knife block (complete with my own choice of RW knives) and absolutely recommend these knives - for value for money, quality, ease of use, longevity and looks.”

– Sandra Brown, 5th October 2017
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