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Campden Casserole 5.3L


A 5.3L casserole from the Campden cookware range. Made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and suitable for all cooking methods.

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Campden Casserole 5.3L

Robert Welch Campden cookware is constructed from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. The base of each pan features a copper/stainless steel 3 ply sandwich, allowing for even heat distribution across the whole base and leaving no hot spots. Suitable for all cooking methods including induction cooking.

All Campden cookware items are gift boxed, have a 25 year guarantee (non-stick pans for 10 years) and are dishwasher safe. The full Campden cookware range includes saucepans, casseroles, frying pans and steamer sets.


Height: 192 mm

Height of Pan Body: 172mm

Internal Diameter: 200mm

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

Amazing pans, great to cook with, beautifully designed!

“Recently purchased several pans from the range, and absolutely could not be happier!! Pans purchased: Large frying pan, Large casserole and inserts, Low casserole pot, Saute pan, 3 x Saucepans. I'll leave the same review across the range, as it really applies to all of them.

Firstly, i purchased these without actually seeing one in the flesh. Not that the pictures don't do them justice, but the main factor in me confidently shelling out so much money was the sheer quality of other Robert Welsh products I've previously bought, noticeably a full knife set (Unreal, don't hesitate, best knives you'll ever own) all the way to the kitchen roll holder! So if you're (justifiably) hesitant at taking a punt, don't be!!

These pans are expertly crafted. The first sign is the weight of each. Not uncomfortable, but you're dealing with with solid objects here that are designed to last.

The pans are stylish, the handles solid, and perfectly balanced, and the finish of the products exceptional. Very easy on the eye, and it made me a little upset not to be able to display them in my kitchen at all times!! (I'll find a way!)

I've tried all the pans now, and each cooked perfectly, with a wonderful distribution of heat. Thanks to a thin layer of copper on the base, the heat doesn't have to be that high at all; it picks up quick and evenly, and cooks just wonderfully.

The non stick coating on the frying pans is exceptionally crafted, and no surprise since its Excalibur coating, known as one of the single best coatings in the world (Well I found it interesting at least!!!)

All in all, these are pans that will last a lifetime if you take care of them. If you have any discolouration initially, soak in bicarbonate of soda for 20 mins, and it'll look flawless (I believe it's just a coating that protects the pans before usage)

Couldn't recommend enough!!!!!!


– Luke Valentine, 1st July 2016

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