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Campden Non-Stick Saute Pan 4.3L


A 4.3L non-stick saute pan from the Campden cookware range. Made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and suitable for all cooking methods.

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Campden Non-Stick Saute Pan 4.3L
The Robert Welch Campden cookware 4.3L non-stick saute pan is constructed from superior quality 18/10 stainless steel and has a PFOA free Excalibur non-stick coating. Excalibur is considered to be the toughest, longest-lasting, most durable non-stick coating in the world.
The base of each pan features tri-layering technology, a copper core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, allowing for even and efficient heat distribution across the whole base and eliminating hot spots during cooking.
The saute pan has cool touch handles and is supplied with a close-fit stainless steel lid.
Suitable for all cooking methods including induction, the pans are dishwasher safe. The body of each frying pan is covered by our 25 year guarantee, the Excalibur non-stick coating is covered by our 10 year guarantee.
Campden cookware frying pans are gift boxed. Shop the complete Campden Cookware range.

Weight (with lid) 2940g/2.94kg



Height of Pan Body: 73mm

Internal Diameter: 280mm

  • Designing the Robert Welch way

    Designing the Robert Welch way

    Every Robert Welch product has been designed to possess a timeless elegance whilst being both affordable and highly functional. This film was created as an introduction to Robert Welch and offers an insight into our passion for design.

What owners are saying...

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Camp den NS Sauté Pan

“I bought this pan as a present for my wife and we are both so impressed with the design and look of the pan. It is a beautifully made piece of workmanship and is truly iconic!
The gift wrapping was also superb and compliments were flowing even before opening.”

– Alf Greenwood, 28th April 2020
* * * * *
Amazing frying pan

“I have owned this pan now for well over a year and is used almost everyday and is still as good as the day I got it. The non stick coating is brilliant and the heat distribution across the pan is great.
I cook with this pan on an induction hob, and where other pans have caused some very localised heating and damage, this pan has been faultless.
So pleased with it I bought another for my father.”

– Jonathan Wilson, 24th April 2020
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Fantastic high quality pan

“Bought this pan as I needed something bigger than my standard Tefal pan, which is losing its non stick coating. Absolutely love this plan. Very well made, heats evenly, extremely easy to clean, and looks lovely. This has instantly become my favourite pan and I look forward to adding to the collection. Highly recommended.”

– Michael Dumaurier, 19th April 2020
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Absolutely brilliant

“Since getting an induction hob, our old go-to frying pan was rendered useless, so we have been using this pan almost constantly, and the difference between the old and the new pan is colossal. The non-stick surface allows us to not even have to worry about greasing the pan beforehand. The extra handle allows for much more control, especially with a pan that is somewhat heavier than our old one, also giving it a feeling of higher quality.”

– Luke Burch, 17th April 2020
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Love, love, love this pan!!!!

“I needed a big frying pan with a lid so as I collect the Radford cutlery set, I had spotted that Robert Welch also do cookware so I plumped for the biggest one they do and I can't say enough how very happy I am with the purchase. The pan feels sturdy like it would last a life time. I need minimum oil to cook in as the food just slides about in the non stick coating. Its like no other frying pan I have used before. I am over the moon as I love cooking so this will be a much love addition to my pots and pans. I can't wait to add to the set, maybe the saucerie next as that looks like a very useful size to have. Many thanks the team at Robert Welch! x”

– Abigail Mobley, 9th April 2020
* * * * *

“This pan ticks all the boxes. It is a very high end, quality product which not only looks modern and sleek in design, it cooks amazingly allowing the heat to spread evenly.”

– Anne Sargeant, 19th November 2019
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Love it

“Absolutely love this pan, it feels like it is built properly and will last well. Looks great too. Non-stick is perfect and the lid fits nicely. Cooks beautifully, retains and spreads heat well. Highly recommend!”

– Penny, 24th October 2019
* * * * *
Great Product

“We were given one of these for a Christmas present and use it constantly. We have since bought two for presents for friends. Transforms the cooking experience. Super easy to clean and helps create some delicious meals. Get one!”

– Sebastian Marling, 21st February 2019
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Campden Saute

“I love this pan! It was bought to complete our set of Campden cookware and replaces a much used circulon product. The non-stick coating is bullet proof and works incredibly well. It is also needed as the pan transfers heat so well that it is easy to get caught out until you get used to the hi-efficiency.
My one regret is not having a kitchen big enough to put the pans on display, they really are just too stylish to put in a cupboard!”

– Max Venmore-Rowland, 18th February 2019
* * * * *
Very happy

“I've already got the big frying pan and the dinky saucier; now I have bought the saute pan. LOVE the campden range and will buy more. The only bad thing about it is ... Oh wait, no there isn't anything!”

– e andrews, 10th January 2019
* * * * *

“I have only bought Le Creuset over the past 10 years and been very pleased. Recently installed an induction hob in my new kitchen and time for a new large pan. This one is fabulous. Not to lightweight, not too heavy. Cooks really evenly across the base on the induction. The inclusion of a lid is a bonus, you have to buy this separately with Le Creuset ! As with all things Robert Welch, highly recommended.”

– M.Paul, 5th January 2019
* * * * *

“I bought this to replace a non-stick sauté pan that had degraded in the dishwasher.
Whereas this one is fantastic on our induction hob and heats up well and nothing sticks to it.”

– S strong, 4th December 2018
* * * * *
Amazing Sauté Pan

“I bought this to replace a ceramic non-stick sauté pan that everything stuck to. However, this one is fantastic and nothing sticks to it, I wish I’d seen this one first! Also have the milk pan, frying pan and set of saucepans all of which are excellent quality and perform extremely well.”

– Julie Thorpe, 27th November 2018
* * * * *
Simply the best

“The best pan that I’ve ever used. Very versatile, beautifully designed, and completely non-stick. Hope Robert Welch design a slightly deeper version at some point soon - it would then be ideal for cooking for more guests.”

– Drew McLean, 7th November 2018
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Campden Non-Stick Saute Pan 4.3L

“Great pan. The non-stick coating seems to be of an excellent quality. Nothing sticks so far! Very easy to clean and I buff up the outside of the pan after washing it, so maintain the beautiful shiny mirror finish. The pan is quite heavy and robust, which is no issue for me - I really get the impression that it's a high quality product that I'm cooking with.

As an expatriate in Singapore, I was extremely impressed by Robert Welch's delivery service. I place the order on a Sunday evening in Singapore, and was cooking with my new pans just 3 days later! Excellent quality cookware.”

– John Witter, 2nd October 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Saute Pan 4.3L

“This is a very well made pan. Excellent heat distribution. I looked across all pans available on the market for a non-stick, straight-sided pan with a large volume - this was the only one that met all my criteria. The quality of build, especially the non-stick coating, is proving worth the cost. The handle has a useful groove to rest a spoon while cooking. It is quite heavy, particularly when full, but I like my pans to have a decent weight. Lid fits well. Overall, I’m very satisfied, I think this pan will meet the guarantee of 20 years use. Worth the price. I am likely to try other RW pans as my existing pans need replacing.”

– Cate T., 11th September 2018
* * * * *
Campden Non-Stick Saute Pan - Brilliant

“Stunning looking cookware and this pan is very versatile would highly recommend.”

– Kim lunn, 6th September 2018
* * * * *

“This is a great pan. It has a very good weight, a thick base and distributes the heat very evenly. It is robust and well made, and I expect to be using this pan every day for years to come. The coating is perfect as well. Food simply doesn't stick. It looks very stylish, too!”

– Mario, 20th February 2018
* * * * *
Beautiful engineering for the kitchen

“I love the way the heat is evenly distributed over the base. Impressive for a large pan.”

– Stewart Faulkner, 21st December 2017
* * * * *
The very best products and the very best shopping experience...

“My experience in shopping with Robert Welch was unbelievably fantastic! I had a couple of questions after I had made my purchase, and I found the customer service to be extremely polite and surprisingly prompt in each and every correspondence. Most surprising, however, was the speed with which they provided me with my purchase. I placed my order with them from Japan on a Sunday night, and received the package on Wednesday, a period of only 3 days. Faster than even domestic Internet shopping, and oh, so much more pleasant! Furthermore, the cookware I purchased (Campden Non-Stick frying pan and sauté pan) far exceeded even my hopes, let alone my expectations, and cooking has become a real pleasure. My highest recommendations, and my appreciation and gratitude for what is perhaps my best shopping experience ever, Internet or otherwise.”

– Shirokuma, 24th October 2017
* * * * *
absolutely luxurious

“Real pleasure to cook. Excellent thermal conductivity”

– Anna Keufner, 13th October 2017
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