Originally released in 1964, the Hobart nutcracker is a customer favourite when it comes to Christmas gifting.

An excerpt from ‘Robert Welch, Design: Craft and Industry’ gives an insight into the heritage of this popular design that is now so greatly admired: 

Part of Robert Welch’s extensive Campden Design cast-iron range, the nutcracker was an unusual design in that it employed a screw mechanism, rather than the more conventional hinged mechanism he had used in his earlier stainless-steel nutcracker design for Old Hall. This sturdy tabletop design in solid cast iron reflected the growing awareness of industrial heritage and the need for its preservation during the early 1960s.” 

The nutcracker’s screwpress recalls those of early printing presses, while its robust, chunky form has a quasi-industrial quality – that was perfectly attuned with the 1960s renewal of interest in Victoriana and the desire for more crafted, less polished ‘authentic’ homeware.”

This iconic design from Robert Welch is an exciting addition to a tabletop, especially at Christmas time when you can enjoy it in use, and it is a fantastic piece of design history to gift to a loved one.

Legacy collection

Pictured above: A few cast iron items from the iconic Legacy collection. 

The Hobart nutcracker now forms part of the Legacy collection from Robert Welch which is a collection of pieces offering a selection of gifts for the design conscious.

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