What better way to share our iconic designs than by sharing them on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter?

We love dedicating our time to creating beautiful, functional and timeless products for our customers (that’s all of you) but we also want to offer an insight into the inner workings of us as a company too. As a result, we’ve taken a step into the social media scene. Though we have a very passionate team here, our success is truly because we keep our customers as the focus of everything that we do. Therefore, we want to hear from you directly so please feel free to share your stories, feedback and photos with us.

You will now be able to follow us on Twitter, pin us on Pinterest, see our pictures on Instagram and watch us on YouTube. We’ll be regularly posting our favourite home décor ideas, new recipes, our latest designs and little glimpses from behind the Robert Welch scenes. We’ll also be hosting exclusive giveaways to our followers from time to time as a thank you for following us!

Get involved with us using the following channels:

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