The Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan from the Campden Cookware range has been rated the best buy in the Indy Best Top 10 non-stick frying pan feature, and here's why...

Constructed from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, the base of each pan features a copper/stainless steel 3 ply sandwich, allowing for even heat distribution across the whole base and leaving no hot spots. Suitable for all cooking methods including induction cooking the range is becoming increasingly popular with customers looking for a cookware set made to last a lifetime whilst looking stylish at the same time.

Previously featured in the Indy Best review for the '14 best saucepan sets' we were delighted to see the Non-Stick Frying Pan receive it’s ‘Best Buy’ status.

Arriving gift boxed and with a 25-year guarantee (non-stick pans for 10 years) the full Campden cookware range including saucepans, casseroles, frying pans and steamer sets is dishwasher safe.

Rated as well-balanced, lightweight and the easiest on test to clean. The Independent said: ‘Food simply doesn’t stick to the Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan’, and with a 10 year non-stick guarantee we're looking forward to more of our customers discovering the range and enjoying it for years to come.  

Discover the full range for yourself and shop the Campden Cookware collection here.