1. Find the right location

When it comes to picnic spots, we’re spoilt for choice here in the UK. No matter where you are in the world though, just make sure that wherever you choose has plenty of grass to stretch out on and some beautiful scenery to take in.

2. Be comfortable

Remember to pack the picnic blanket! Choose a blanket that’s reasonably thick and easy to wash. You’ll be sat down for most of the day, so wear something comfortable and take enough layers with you – the weather can be unpredictable!

3. Pack your hamper with care

Wicker picnic hampers are beautiful, but they’re not always practical. Ensure that heavier items are at the bottom and lighter treats are at top so that they don’t get squashed and wrap your glasses and crockery carefully.

4. Choose your food wisely

Sandwiches are great, but there’s no reason why your picnic can’t be a little more exciting. Pack some cutlery and crockery with a selection of salads, dips and breads to keep your picnic interesting.

5. Stay hydrated

Take a good supply of water with you – oh, and don’t forget the wine!

National Picnic Week