We were delighted to recently learn that 2014 winner of the prestigious National Chef of the Year title and star of Great British Menu, Russell Bateman is a big fan of our Signature chef’s knives.

russell bateman

Having previously worked in Michelin star restaurants, including Pétrus and Auberge de L'Eridan, Capital Hotel and Restaurant and Midsummer House, Russell is currently head chef at fine dining restaurant Collette’s at the Grove. With so much experience we were keen to get his thoughts on the Signature knives and how he ensures they keep in tip top condition.

In Russell's own words:

Chefs knives 

In the kitchen for me, a chef’s knives are the most important piece of kit and second only to the produce. They are the one thing most in contact with the food and therefore should be treated with the same respect.

Caring for knives

I think the thing that’s really great is that Robert Welch really understand the importance of taking care of products and provides the means to do this. The sharpener makes it easy to maintain the knife's cutting edge and it’s part of my daily routine to to give knives a quick once over before using, without any fuss.

I actually keep my knives in the original packaging they were delivered in to protect them!  We have a drawer in the kitchen where all of the chefs keep their knives and they are cleaned and put away every day after use.

The Signature range

I first started using the Signature range about two and a half years ago and have added 7 or 8 to the collection. I like them for a number of reasons really, mainly how they look and feel, they have clean lines and an ergonomic design which gives you an idea of the detail that goes into making them comfortable and easy to use.

I also like how easy they are to clean and maintain, there is nowhere for food to get stuck in and again it is so easy to maintain sharpness with the Signature handheld sharpener.

For me one of my favourite knives has to be the fish filleting knife, it has the right balance of a good strong blade, yet it’s flexible to get the job done well. 

The chef’s utility knife is also great, it’s so versatile and good to use for so many jobs - it’s definitely the one knife that you always have out on the worktop. 

Why Robert Welch?

It’s always great to be able to support a British brand, for me that’s really important and Robert Welch has the quality and design behind it too.

It’s also an accessible brand, a number of the young chefs at Collette’s use the knives as they are affordable and I encourage them to take care of them.