"One cannot sleep well, love well, think well, if one has not dined well" 

Virginia Woolf

It will soon be time to switch our sunglasses for our woolly socks, and BBQs for our slow cooked suppers, so we at Robert Welch have put together an autumnal dining guide to give you some inspiration from what to cook, to how to dress your table.

October is upon us and we can take advantage of autumn’s freshest ingredients to create sumptuous comfort food; delicious roast lamb, beef stews and risottos paired with seasonal root vegetables and leafy greens in abundance.

So you say, you need a perfectly dressed table to enjoy your feast; here are our top picks for the dining table including our autumnal offers to make your mouth water:

Mixing soft linens with smooth curves is a look we are championing for autumn 2015 – The Ashbury range defines this look and is a classic design with a contemporary twist, paired with cream handled knives the look is very much at home in the modern day kitchen with a nod to the traditional. This classic style is a great everyday look that can easily translate to an immaculate dinner party table. View our limited edition 42pc Ashbury cutlery set with cream handled knives

When it comes to laying a table, few of us have the time to plan our settings or give it too much thought, but adding simple finishing touches is all you need to do. A classic napkin holder can bring structure and charm to your table or for a more relaxed style why not choose different fabrics, patterns and textures for each place setting. View our range of Napkin Rings.

A candlelit setting can provide a cosy and romantic atmosphere to elevate the quickest and most ‘thrown together’ of meals. The Limbrey candlesticks feature a combination of stainless steel with a sumptuous walnut base, perfect for informal or formal dining. To create added height and variety for your table mix our large and medium candlesticks with the matching Limbrey Mills.

For those who love the delicious flavours that can be created in a one pot wonder and who like to allow their guests to dive in and serve themselves at the table our 42pc Norton cutlery set is currently available with four free serving pieces. Featuring rounded generous heads and soft v-shaped tips to each handle, with serving spoons enough for side dish accompaniments, serving guests couldn’t be easier. For those wishing to go straight from oven or hob to table – our cast iron trivet will not only complete the look but save your table from any damage!

With that said, all that’s left to do is choose the recipe and get cooking.

We recommend this simple ‘Quinotto’ one-pot recipe from London based chef and blogger Georgina Davies, easily adaptable to include any of your favourite veggies or to be topped with some grilled salmon or chicken for a perfect dinner party menu.

Want to see more of Georgina’s recipes? – stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts to see recipes exclusively created by Georgina for Robert Welch.