Photo credit (left to right): Apartment Apothecary, Rosa Parks, We made this home

Enjoy the comfort of your home

With a chill in the air and the autumn leaves bringing a golden glow to our surroundings we're starting to retreat indoors and get cosy in the comfort of our homes. Lighting candles and preparing for autumn entertaining never felt so good! As our lives switch to a slower pace and we enjoy the comfort of being indoors we've put together the Robert Welch guide to autumn.

  • Eat seasonal food – think baked apples, comforting crowd pleasers and warming soups, entertaining during the autumn months is all about ease of preparation and one-pot wonders.
  • Start baking things you can freeze – get head for Christmas and prepare while you can. Make mince pies which you can defrost as they’re needed, or buy them from your local bakery and pop them in the freezer.
  • Dig out your Delia and Nigella Christmas cookbooks that have been stowed away since last year and begin to inspire yourself for this year's feast.
  • Take stock of your supplies – get out your plates, glasses and cutlery that you used last year to see if you need to replace or update dining and tableware sets. Look at your favourite blogs for autumn dining inspiration and top up your cutlery to dine in style. 
  • Shop for cards and wrapping paper – before the chaos begins! Dig out your addresses and write a list of who you want to send cards to this Christmas. Shop for packs of cards whilst you still have the pick of the bunch. 
  • Plan your presents – don’t leave Christmas until the last minute – think about what you want to give and have a plan for who receives what. There is nothing worse than panic buying! 

        Sit back, relax and enjoy autumn.