Enjoy a cup of tea...

Learn how to properly brew and serve tea with these top tips from Robert Welch. 

Britain is a nation of tea drinkers, so here at Robert Welch we think that eveyone deserves to know how to make a great cup of tea - for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others. Whether you call it a builder’s brew, a Rosy Lee or a simple cuppa, we all enjoy sitting down and relaxing with a cup of English breakfast tea.

 Here are our top tips for the perfect cup of tea:

  • Firstly, ensure that the water you’re using is properly boiled to the right temperature for your chosen leaf. If the water is tepid then your tea will end up tasting a bit flat and lacking in flavour.
  • Secondly, brew your tea for the correct amount of time. This depends on the leaf, but for English breakfast tea it’s best to leave it for around three minutes.
  • Some people like their tea milky, whereas others like it strong. Make sure you check how your guests take their tea before serving it!
  • One lump or two? Lots of people still have sugar in their tea, so have some readily available.
  • It’s not really tea time without a slice of cake, a biscuit or a pastry. Treat yourself and your guests and do a little baking (or just head to the shops – we won’t tell!).