Organisation seems to be the key to success for almost everything. The same can certainly be said for your home too, whether you’re attempting to tackle a new recipe or throwing a mighty dinner party, the triumph lies in organisation! We’ve put together the Robert Welch guide to an organised home; after all, a tidy house makes a tidy mind.

Signature Storage Jars

The award winning range of Signature jars are the ultimate remedy for cluttered kitchen shelves and over-flowing cupboards. Designed to stack neatly on top of each other, they combine their dashing good looks with faultless function. They have an airtight silicone seal and are made from fully food-safe, shatterproof Eastman Tritan plastic guaranteeing their longevity. We currently have two special offers for the Signature storage jars too which can be found in kitchen storage.

Signature Drawer Unit

If you’re a particularly keen cook and your passion extends to the knives you keep too, you’ll be more than aware of the importance in caring for them properly. Made from durable ABS plastic and with 13 spaces for knives, the Signature knife drawer unit is a practical and stylish solution for safe storage. It even has a space to store your sharpener too; you’ll be able to keep them in tip-top shape regularly without any problem.

Signature Magnetic Knife Rack

If you’re lacking empty worktops or drawer space, then it seems only right to make use of your walls. It’s the best way to organise when you’re short of room or prefer a minimalist counter. The magnetic rack, one of our latest releases, has been designed to securely store up to 8 stainless steel kitchen knives. A removable clip has been uniquely designed to fit the rack too, holding the Signature hand held knife sharpener, so maintaining their edge is even easier.

Signature Utensil Storage

If you’re thinking of starting a collection of Signature utensils, you may already be aware of the hook feature at the end of each item. This hook, which also acts as something to rest on when placed on the counter, will allow you to hang it up on either the Signature utensil rack or on one of the utensil stands (available in black, white and bamboo). If you’re hoping to free up some space, perhaps the rack is the way forward; it’s easy to fix and will hold up to 8 utensils. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to make more of a statement, the utensil stands are iconic Robert Welch pieces. Each will hold up to 5 utensils comfortably and, as they’re available in a variety of colours and sets, it’s easy to find one to suit the kitchen in question.

Cutlery Tray

Please don’t neglect your cutlery organisation either! At Robert Welch, we’re very protective over cutlery (as, unquestionably, everybody should be) and our designers have put a lot of thought into designing our storage solutions. To keep cutlery looking it’s best, we think you’ll love the new cutlery tray. Made from a satin black PP plastic, it holds up to 48 pieces of cutlery and will fit a standard drawer size. If you’re looking to upgrade your cutlery too, we also have an offer for the Malvern range and cutlery tray together; the ultimate collection starter.

Still looking for inspiration? View our full range of products selected for an organised home.

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