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The following Robert Welch products/ranges are presently available to stockists in the US -

Signature Knives & Accessories

The company worked with professional chefs to develop the Signature knife range that features ergonomic comfort and optimum cutting action. Each knife has been individually constructed for its specific task in food preparation and the handles and blades are set at the best angle to minimize fatigue.

Facts & features:

- The Signature knives were designed in-house by Paul deBretton Gordon and Rupert Welch.

- The knives have been performance-tested by Sheffield's leading test establishment and found to be in the world's top 1% (of all knives tested) for initial sharpness and edge retention.

- Each blade is honed and tempered to razor sharpness using World Edge Geometry (TM) inspired by master sword craftsmen from Japan, producing a precision blade edge for effortless cutting and slicing.

- Fully forged and robotically engineered, the knives are manufactured from German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel and hardened to Rockwell 55-56.

- The knives feature a full tang and the handles are made from Dupont (TM) material and molded precisely on to the full tang. Robotic technology ensures that each handle matches perfectly and all joints and surfaces are carefully finished to prevent the risk of food particles being trapped.

- The full range includes nineteen knives, two carving forks, a sharpening steel and a hand-held knife sharpener.

- Storage options include a black ABS knife block, an oak 'Step' knife block and a bamboo drawer insert.

- Each block contains the innovative, patented Robert Welch Signature knife sharpening mechanism designed to care for the knives, simply and effectively.

- The blocks have been designed for ease of use when inserting and removing the knives - a magnetic locator in each slot prevents damage to the blade edge.

- Suggested retail prices for the knives range from $33 to $90; block sets are priced at $280; the knife sharpener retails for $26.

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Signature Utensils & Accessories

Made from the finest 18/10 stainless steel, Signature utensils feature comfortable, rounded handles with a lipped end. These are ideal as a hanging set or as serving pieces at the table.

Facts & features:

- The Signature utensils were designed in-house by Paul deBretton Gordon and Rupert Welch.

- Each utensil has been designed for its specific use and is robust enough for everyday use in the kitchen and elegant enough to be used at the table.

- Each utensil features a comfortable, rounded handle and a sculptured hook enabling it to hang almost anywhere.

- The hook design also prevents the utensil from sliding into the saucepan.

- The full range includes thirteen individual pieces, two different lengths of hanging rails or a choice of black ABS or bamboo storage stand, both with a stainless steel cap.

- Suggested retail prices for individual utensils range from $25 to $27.

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Signature Salt & Pepper Mills

The Robert Welch Signature salt and pepper mills were designed to complement the sleek, contemporary lines of the Signature knife and utensil ranges. They are robust enough for everyday use in the kitchen but also elegant enough to be used at the table. The body of the mills is made from ABS material, making it very practical to clean and maintain but also providing a smooth and tactile finish. The 18/10 stainless steel top is comfortably rounded and fits neatly into the hand for ease of use and to allow the grinding mechanism to be operated with minimum effort. The stainless steel top is easily removable and this, combined with the wide opening, allows convenient access to the drum for filling.

Facts & features:

- Award-winning CrushGrind (TM) ceramic mechanism will not rust or corrode

- Fully-adjustable grinder from very fine to medium, coarse or very coarse

- Constructed from ABS and 18/10 stainless steel

- Easy to use, fill and maintain with a smooth and tactile finish

- Available in 3 sizes - large (black only), medium and small (black and white)

- Can be used for pepper, salt and spices

- Lifetime guarantee

- Suggested retail prices are $30 each (small); $35 each (medium) and $45 each (large)

- Sold as individual pieces allowing people to ‘mix and match' colors and sizes, as required.

For more information about any of these products/ranges, please contact the Robert Welch Chicago office directly.

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